A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

I have an interesting perspective on this “quarantine”, aside from spiritual stuff.

The first thing I see each morning is the empty cast member parking lot. It is surreal because ordinarily, it is never empty.

The second thing I realize is that the “energy” has stopped rolling of MK, she sleeps. Altough, it actually took a couple weeks before it did.

Then I miss the daily sounds of the Liberty Bell, the Philharmonic, the parade, the water pageant, Reveille coming from Tom Sawyer’s Island in the middle of the night, late night rehearsals, and of course, my fireworks.

It’s a beautiful thing to live in the shadow of the kingdom. It becomes a part of your being. The experience is very different for now, but it’s still my life, a part of me even in its silence.

Honestly, I’m not saddened by it’s quiet, she needed the rest just like all of us did. What I wonder though, is will she come back the same, or can she change.

I’m a Walt fan. He wasn’t a perfect man, but he was a visionary, a Utopian, and understood magic and imagination. His parks were based on families coming together to experience that. His movies took chances to bring us new and wondrous ideas and flights of fancy we’d never seen before.

The Disney Company has left him behind, building on his ideas, but not keeping his heart. And quite frankly, they’ve grown too big to be much more than a caretaker for their stockholders. In that, we all lose something precious.

In this quiet, in this world shifting pause, I pray that somehow, Disney gets forced back into Disney.

This time will pass, but it should change us. It is meant to show us the brokenness of our systems, our governments, and where we have become cold and angry.

It’s doing that.

But do we have what it takes to change this world into something beautiful, alive, and flourishing?

Can we revive compassion on a wide scale? Can we remember that while were all in this together, our lives and communities are the platform for much needed change?

The Disney Company is a microcosm of the rest of the world. I want to see Walt’s heart again. In that company, and quite frankly, in the world.

I know so many just want things “back to normal” but normal didn’t work for most of us and we’ve been handed this gift to stop and restart.

We can do better.

We can BE better.

May this pause help us know that and may we find the strength and courage to step into a better tomorrow because of it. πŸ’œπŸ•‰πŸ•Š

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