Stepping into the new month and this challenge, I have decided to start very easily with a steady food plan, eating the same thing each day until I get sick of it.

One of the reasons I have confidence in my ability to stick to a rather simplistic food plan, is that I’ve been very fortunate these past few years to have eaten at every fantasy dining location at Disney.

You have to understand, I grew up largely without food in the house. My teenage years set a pattern of not eating that lasted well into my adult years. My guilt over consuming food prevented any healthy eating habits from rooting and set food on such a pedestal at the same time, that I craved it wildly, even while I refused to eat it.

But I worked through all these issues over the course of a few years, and then, I unleashed myself at Disney.

It was sublime!

I’ve eaten pretty much anywhere I’d ever fantasized about, except the Hoop De Doo show and the Moroccan Restaurant at Epcot.

I have even been to Paris and ate possibly the best meal of my life at Walt’s in Disneyland Paris.

The most memorable meals for me were the first time Amy and I ate at California Grill, and every time we ate at Ohana.

Thing is, food doesn’t hold the same level of sadness for me it has most of my life. I’ve had everything and anything I’ve wanted over the past few years, so now I can be a grown up and rein it in!

I’d like to add, that in those years I was dining like a queen, I never gained or lost more than five pounds.

However, in the past two years of being largely inactive, and eating more fast-food than anything, I’ve gained nearly 40.

I think we all have different food/activity/weight responses and I think that true weight loss requires us to pay attention to ours.

The reason I’m changing my eating now, is because I want to build muscle. I want to do weight lifting. And I need to support that goal with nutrition. I imagine these first few months to be a lot of trial and error while I learn my body. I’m good with that. I’m in this for the full year.

And with that, comes the October food plan.

I’ll be very honest with you, I took this to meditation and let my guides show me a plan. Now I’m going to try it and see how it goes. I’m expecting shifts, bumps, and successes along the way this year. I’m also expecting discovering, healing, and joy.

Without further ado, the food plan.

We start with 4 core meals each day.

  • Cereal with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and almonds. I pour a cold chai latte over the top of that, which adds soooo much favor.
  • An omelette, served with tomato, olive, onion, spinach, mushroom, and feta
  • A pineapple smoothie, very akin to a dole whip, only made with greek yogurt for protein.
  • A quinoa (or rice and hummus) bowl with roasted veggies.

Along with this, I’m drinking Evian, Pellegrino, coconut water, and Beachbody’s Energize for my caffeine and some micro nutrients

For supplements, at the moment, all I’m taking is as follows:

  • B-12
  • Macca Root
  • Beta Alanine (for the workouts I hope to start soon)

And that’s October. It’s a test. If I need more food, my guides showed me how to eat more eggs, more hummus, and if I get too cravey, they suggested a grilled cheese and vegetable sandwich late at night.

I’m committed, groceries for the first week are bought, so lets give it a go!