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Welcome to a New Day

Another new day begins, fresh with opportunities we weren’t aware of yesterday.

I think that’s the true beauty of a new day, it’s not about seeing the sunrise, or getting to work or school on time, it’s about the possibilities that whisper in this first few moments of awakening.

I pray today you are able to slow down and see the beauty in your life, see where you can make changes, and know you will never be depleted when you stand in your truth

Stay humble. Believe in your dreams. Be kind.

So much love ~ Samantha

Trapped by the Mouse

This fish is out of water and drowning in magic.

Chapter Four

My day was rapidly unraveling, and maybe all this was just one huge pity party, but didn’t I deserve it?

While I appreciated his sentiment, and in a perfect world, or Nicholas Sparks novel, sure, what he said was perfect, but all he was doing for me was pushing me into wild and dangerous fantasies that I couldn’t afford to fall into.

“I once heard my mother say that love was a myth, just something people without money tell themselves to make them feel better about their circumstances.” Remembering that moment at my eighth birthday left me numb now.

He didn’t say a word, but he reached around me and pulled me close.

I was torn.

On one hand, how dare he?

On the other, perfection.

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Weight Times

Well, I finally got to SeaWorld yesterday and this may be the worst photo of me in the history of photos, but it’s going to make a great before photo!

You can read all about SeaWorld in today’s article – link below- but suffice it to say, it was educational and definitely set a bar.

I went with a friend who drove, so I didn’t need to make the untrekkable trek to and from bus stops. Terrain inside SeaWorld was good. I had to sit down, though. Twice, and I mean had to. I felt weak, out of breath, and at one point thought I was about to drop.

And yeah, it was hot, but that wasn’t the main reason.

I think, if you want the Cliff Notes version of my day at SeaWorld, it was better than I feared, and gave me a path with goals to reach. And Monday, I’m shifting into a higher gear.

I felt like crap yesterday, but I am changing that and I’m excited to see the journey unfold.

See Ya Real Soon

Woo Hoo It’s Friday!

I hope you had a good week and I hope that this edition made it a little brighter.

I’m excited about the journey we’ve embarked on this week, and I look forward to seeing how it grows.

If you’re enjoying Trapped by the Mouse, I opened an Instagram for Sabrina. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I thought we could have a lot of fun sharing the world from her point of view, especially since her point of view is about to change drastically. I love Sabrina already, and I’m eager to share her journey with you.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend. If you’re in the path of Delta, stay safe, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

Until next time ~ Samantha