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Welcome to a New Day

What I wish most for you today, is love.

I hope it surrounds you, that you feel it, that it oozes from your pores.

I think love is the true magic that is able to move through all layers of life, but so many of us never feel it. So many never come to know it or understand it.

We play love games, but to experience true love, that’s nearly a miracle.

Still, it’s what I hope for you today.

And if nothing else, feel my love, because its real and it’s here for you.

Stay humble. Believe in your dreams. Be kind.

So much love ~ Samantha

Remembering Walt & His Legacy

Walt and the Tower of the Four Winds model for It’s a Small World at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. Photo: D23

What I see first hand every time I walk around Magic Kingdom, is how brilliant Walt was.

I don’t mean that the way you probably think, and I mean no disrespect to Roy who finished this park with all the love he had for his brother, but…

Because I grew up and worked at Disneyland, I knew that park like the back of my hand, and there are a zillion details that are not at Magic Kingdom, details that you know were made from a budget perspective.

I love Magic Kingdom, there’s nothing wrong with it, but if you’ve never been to Disneyland, you can’t entirely know Walt’s genius.

Let’s just take It’s A Small World.

I think its one of the most extreme examples. Here in Florida, it’s like it’s housed inside a tin can, almost as an afterthought. You go inside and you take what feels very much like a carnival ride through these cute dolls singing that song that gets me thrown in Facebook jail every time I stream it, and it’s a happy wonderful experience.

In California, it’s epic.

You walk up to this ride at the back of the park in its own world. You know it’s something special just because it seems so huge! The train goes through it. The landscape is dotted with topiary animals and the clock… oh it’s wonderful. You always wanted to be there when the doll parade happened around that clock.

Then you get into the ride and it’s literally a show. Walt and his imagineers staged it that way. There’s this extreme thrill just before you go inside that archway, then you’re welcomed in all the languages, and you start to hear the song… and then you’re inside. And everything, because Walt set the stage right, is just magical.

I have to admit, though, the one in Paris is incredible, too! The colors in that one are SO bright! I love it, too.

I think though, I have a similar eye for detail like Walt had, so I recognize it. I see him… and I see where he’s not, and it always makes me a little sad.

I feel truly grateful to have lived in the time and land of Walt. I was very blessed indeed.

Trapped by the Mouse

This fish is out of water and drowning in magic.

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See Ya Real Soon

Thank you so much for being here. I hope you took the time to read today’s Trapped by the Mouse chapter and will come back on Wednesday to read more.

Today, do something I always tell people in my livestreams at Disney World, look up and look down, see the magic in the World most people never will.

Much love to you and we’ll see you Wednesday.

Until next time ~ Samantha