Our Review of Disney-Pixar’s Coco


Disclaimer: I received a free movie ticket in exchange for writing a review on this blog.

Recently, our team of writers got to attend a special movie premier of the newest movie to come out of the Disney-Pixar lot: Coco. I present to you a spoiler free review of this movie.

In Mexican culture, Halloween is not a big holiday to be celebrated. Instead, the Mexican people celebrate a very special holiday known as Día De Muertos: “The Day Of The Dead” The celebration of this…

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I am among the last to finally see Zootopia. Youngest and I watched it together a couple of nights ago, and I was just as charmed as I knew I would be.

I’d originally seen the sneak peek at Hollywood Studios, and knew from that this was a movie I wanted to see. The imaginative world of Zootopia is the best possible outcome of brilliantly talented people let off their creative leashes. I love the idea of how the city works, and what we were allowed to see of it within the telling of this story.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde…

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