Our Review of Disney-Pixar’s Coco


Disclaimer: I received a free movie ticket in exchange for writing a review on this blog.

Recently, our team of writers got to attend a special movie premier of the newest movie to come out of the Disney-Pixar lot: Coco. I present to you a spoiler free review of this movie.

In Mexican culture, Halloween is not a big holiday to be celebrated. Instead, the Mexican people celebrate a very special holiday known as Día De Muertos: “The Day Of The Dead” The celebration of this…

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The Holidays Are Here…Don’t You Wish You Were Too?

Can you feel it? There’s a chill in the air. Can you hear it? There’s a sound of carols everywhere. Can you smell it? The smell of cinnamon and sugar flies without a care. Yes, my friends, holiday time has arrived at the Walt Disney World Resort. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be outlining some of our favorite things to do all around the resort during holiday time, from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom Park to romantic sleigh rides at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, and so much…

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Lessons From A Rainy Day in Magic Kingdom

Though Florida is in the middle of a nasty drought that’s wrecking havoc with wildlife and brush fires, in the past week we’ve started to see a return to our regular afternoon rainfall. I was at Magic Kingdom on one such day to stream, but once the rain starts, it’s very hard to stream because my phone doesn’t like water. That being said, I didn’t call it a day and run home, though I will admit to you that I wanted to. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with depression and anxiety and each day is quite honestly a…

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Plenty of Bites in this Dog!

On a recent “just because” visit to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (it’s a beautiful and welcoming place just to relax, you know) this intrepid shopper stopped for a bite to eat that completely fulfilled the criteria for one of my favorite kinds of #FoodFinds by Park Shoppers: The most bang for your (Disney) buck!

I have no idea why the description “footlong hot dog” didn’t prepare me for the huge helping that was brought out to my table at Roaring Forks, but my “holy moly!”…

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A Pretzel as Big as Your Head!

Today’s #FoodFinds by Park Shoppers should be renamed FUNFoodFinds, because this was a hoot!

Samantha and I were in Epcot together for the first day of the inaugural International Festival of the Arts when the munchies hit hard. I had remembered seeing another guest pass me with a pretzel earlier in World Showcase, and that sounded like a good little nosh that we could share just to take the edge off of the hunger while we went…

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January Streaming Schedule

I want to start by thanking everyone for such an amazing and successful December, both for me, and for Streaming Disney!

We were running full speed into the end of the year, then between illness, car trouble, and some personal issues of my own, it was a perfect storm of events that caused a speed bump in the streaming. I am, however, happy to say everything is all worked out, I am still partnered with Streaming Disney and I have January’s schedule together!

With the holidays over, there are less hours at Streaming Disney, but I am still going to be…

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Bullet Journaling The Adventure

I have clearly been living under a rock because I was just introduced to bullet journaling… and I’m beyond obsessed!

And… I haven’t spent my rent money yet on colored pens, stickers, and washi tape, so far so good. 😉

If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, put the term in a youtube search and prepare to be amazed! The summary is that it’s a planner and journal in one that’s entirely customized for each person, and you don’t need anything special to create one… don’t need, doesn’t mean you won’t want! 😉

What I have done is set up my very…

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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – A Magical Memory

I’m officially going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party again this year! I’m incredibly blessed and excited and so I went and hunted down this post from a blog I was doing last year, and have moved it over here, to remind me of what a magical time my first party was last year.

So much in my life has changed since last year, I have a camera now for instance (that’s my way of saying there aren’t any photos from last year’s event) and I can’t wait to attend this year and see what magic unfolds. In the meantime,…

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Walt Disney – A Visionary… and a Man

Walt Disney is a legend and can be a polarizing figure in some circles. He created a lasting empire, but made some questionable choices along the way. Yet today, though there are some of us who will argue you to death with the positives, most people seem to have forgotten, or don’t really know or understand, the man behind the mouse. I’m certainly not a Walt expert by any definition, but I do have deep admiration and respect for not only the work, but the personal sacrifice and costs for him to change the world and leave the lasting impact…

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An Evening at Wolfgang Puck’s – Disney Springs

Many of you know that I practically live out at Disney, and the past few years, Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) especially has been home to me. I was recently invited to a blogger night at the Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Cafe. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and offered wine… great start to a good evening!

Here’s the thing. I love Wolfgang Puck Express Cafe in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs. I mean LOVE it. It’s been one of my three favorite places to eat practically since I arrived in Orlando three plus years ago, and…

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