Day 340 Decadence at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Day 340 was an easy day spent soaking up the ambiance at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Josh and I started out early with a fan club stream from the 4th floor balcony looking out over Magic Kingdom. It’s one of my favorite quiet spots and when I first arrived in Florida five years ago, so alone and so scared and excited for this new life, I spent a LOT of time on this balcony. We perused a couple of stores, I found a really great cookbook called the Wine Lover’s Cookbook that gives you recipes and tells you what to…

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Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipe

Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwich
Serves 4

Ingredients: (more…)

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Plenty of Bites in this Dog!

On a recent “just because” visit to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (it’s a beautiful and welcoming place just to relax, you know) this intrepid shopper stopped for a bite to eat that completely fulfilled the criteria for one of my favorite kinds of #FoodFinds by Park Shoppers: The most bang for your (Disney) buck!

I have no idea why the description “footlong hot dog” didn’t prepare me for the huge helping that was brought out to my table at Roaring Forks, but my “holy moly!”…

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January Streaming Schedule

I want to start by thanking everyone for such an amazing and successful December, both for me, and for Streaming Disney!

We were running full speed into the end of the year, then between illness, car trouble, and some personal issues of my own, it was a perfect storm of events that caused a speed bump in the streaming. I am, however, happy to say everything is all worked out, I am still partnered with Streaming Disney and I have January’s schedule together!

With the holidays over, there are less hours at Streaming Disney, but I am still going to be…

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PizzeRizzo Now Serving Up Tons Of Charm at Hollywood Studios

This month we saw the much-anticipated debut of PizzeRizzo. I was there on opening day and enjoyed a leisurely lunch with a dear friend.
If you were familiar with the location this restaurant took over, Pizza Planet, the menu remains mostly unchanged, but the interior of the location is entirely different and benefits from being roomier, quieter, and from all those unique details Disney is so wonderful with.

Let’s get the negative out of the way first, the food… it’s forgettable.

The veggie pizza has so few veggies on it and they are diced so small it may as well have been…

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Day 38 – Food and Wine!

Day 38 took me to Epcot to enjoy a brief food and wine visit where I tasted three items, all of which I will tell you all about in a minute. First, the day was gorgeous. We are seriously having a streak of good weather and I am incredibly grateful. Florida weather and I have a tenuous relationship, but I’m enjoying this. The parks weren’t overly crowded either. All in all, it was a beautiful day to be in Epcot.

I did record something I’m hoping to turn into Sunday @ Epcot so keep an eye on the site,…

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My Disney Today (1 of 365) The Start of a Dream

The most important thing I will ever say in my life, and I say it repeatedly, is FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

They lead you to the most magical, amazing places and people. Each day of my life, since I discovered this truth for myself, only gets better. Yes, there are low spots, of course, but the trajectory of my life is on a consistent upswing and I could never have said that before. The whole rest of my life I was sad, even when I was happy. I was worried, lost, frustrated, not able to really build anything. Life was like…

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Skipper Canteen – Mini Review

I was recently honored by a friend who offered to take me to lunch at Skipper Canteen in Adventureland. This place has magic, but you have to give yourself permission to “sit”, or be, in it.  Remember that you are being taken right into the legend of the Jungle Cruise as the skippers who pilot the steamships down the jungle rivers, have invited you into their canteen. You’ll find 3 quirky and heavily themed rooms to dine in. There is so much detail to take in in each, so look around, read the message boards, old newspapers and such to discover…

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An Evening at Wolfgang Puck’s – Disney Springs

Many of you know that I practically live out at Disney, and the past few years, Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) especially has been home to me. I was recently invited to a blogger night at the Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Cafe. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and offered wine… great start to a good evening!

Here’s the thing. I love Wolfgang Puck Express Cafe in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs. I mean LOVE it. It’s been one of my three favorite places to eat practically since I arrived in Orlando three plus years ago, and…

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