Day 338 – The Day Facebook Stopped Working

Well, today was… interesting… in an, I woke up in a sci-fi story kind of way.

When I first woke up this morning I checked my phone to see what time it was and to see if Josh had messaged me. What I found was that no one had posted anything to FB in over 8 hours. I figured my phone was being wonky so I rebooted it and went to get ready.

I didn’t think much more about it, not even when I couldn’t get my post to the faith group to post this morning. And I didn’t think anything…

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My Disney Today (1 of 365) The Start of a Dream

The most important thing I will ever say in my life, and I say it repeatedly, is FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

They lead you to the most magical, amazing places and people. Each day of my life, since I discovered this truth for myself, only gets better. Yes, there are low spots, of course, but the trajectory of my life is on a consistent upswing and I could never have said that before. The whole rest of my life I was sad, even when I was happy. I was worried, lost, frustrated, not able to really build anything. Life was like…

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The New Adventure – Disney Lovin 365

September has already been a month to remember. Some of you may know that my birthday is coming up in about a week and this is a big one, I turn 50. Wow that’s so crazy. I keep thinking back to being a kid and how old that seemed, and now, here I am and it doesn’t seem old at all. However, that being said, there are definite changes to my body and as I contemplate aging, I realize I’m going to have to make some changes if I want to stay vibrant and healthy well into my… say…

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