Morning Magic in Animal Kingdom Preview!

Hi everyone and happy Wednesday!

I hope you are having a great week. I’m here to give everyone a special look at what we have in store for you over the next three days on Morning Magic as we branch out of Magic Kingdom and do these special live streams from Animal Kingdom!

Each of our morning streams combine for a full hour and a half each day, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays starting at 9AM Eastern until about 9:45. The second half of our streams start at 10AM and go at least until 10:45 but often go longer. These are patron exclusives so please check out Patreon to become a part of our ohana and share in the fun we have!

Now here is a sneak peek at Animal Kingdom Week!

Thursday a hunt for DeVine will commence on the first stream of the day and we may even begin a bit early to accomplish this so be sure you get our “Live” notifications on Facebook.

We’ll continue perusing Discovery Island with a morning tour of The Tree of Life.

On Patron Magic that follows at 10am, we’ll be giving you a look into Africa, taking in the drummers Tam Tam and venturing back to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Patron Magic is always – anything can happen and usually does!

Friday we’ll share the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail on Morning Magic.

Then on Patron Magic, we have FastPasses for a safari at 10:10! Who knows what we’ll see on this adventure, but you can be certain we’ll have fun.

Saturday, wrapping up our week, we’ll be in Asia on Morning Magic and for Patron Magic, we have FastPasses for Festival of the Lion King at 10AM

All this and shopping from Epcot Thursday afternoon at 3pm from both the France and United Kingdom pavilions – alert your Dr. Who friends!

And then of course on Friday at 3pm I will stream Festival of Fantasy Parade live from Magic Kingdom for everyone.

Please remember all this is subject to change, weather, and weird technical difficulties, but we welcome you and hope to see you there!

Until tomorrow, take care and I’ll see you in the parks! – Samantha

<p>Author and former Disneyland Cast Member, Samantha Lucas, has created Magical Dreams Media as a way to bring joy and inspiration to the world one live stream, video, and photo at a time. Find out more about Samantha at</p>