Favorite Disney Memories

Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table

October 17, 2017

Three years ago today was the day Amy and I went to Cinderella’s Royal Table, and I have to admit, I totally got swept up in the magic of that experience.

We were celebrating a huge opportunity that had come my way, and the reservation was totally a God thing. We got it the night before and weren’t even specifically trying for Cinderella’s Royal Table, but Amy got the whim to call and she got it!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, because this place was so pricey, and at the time, we hadn’t learned what it meant to manifest your dreams, not really, not quite yet.

Plus, it seemed like something more to do with little girls. I remembered eating here eons ago when it was still King Stefan’s, and the memory was incredible, but Princess dining isn’t really my thing. So, I’ll be honest, this wasn’t even on my “dream” list.

However, from the moment we walked inside and Cinderella greeted us, the magic started to get me.

We were transported to this giddy fantasy – omg I can’t believe we’re here – state that never left us that whole morning.

The food was delicious, the service was remarkable, the princesses… it was strange, to be honest, but delightful. Even the plastic wand and wishing star that they gave us as a takeaway trinket, we both still have in a place of honor in our personal space. And we honestly left the castle walking on air.

I’m realizing now, though, three years later, that day we seeded what we’re seeing pop up in our lives today.

There’s been so much water under the bridge in these past three years. Life going all the crazy ways it does, but here we are, back full circle, stronger than ever and starting out again with our Disney love, this site, a new story… only this time, it’s rooted.

I don’t know if this will make any sense or not, but three years ago, on that morning, we had a vision, a hope, but we had no idea what we were doing. And the three years that followed it felt like nothing took root. Even though our friendship and partnership flourished, another important friendship ended, Disney became so greedy we got discouraged, then we lost our business, illness hit, and now Covid hitting the world, we thought our seeds had perished.

Instead, it’s like stumbling back into a garden that you thought had become overgrown and weedy, only to find the seeds you’d planted starting to sprout, asking for attention and love. And we’re in the exact right place to do that.

We planted seeds that day, Disney added the pixie dust, and even though we may have lost faith in them, here we are ready to tend the garden in a new way and see what blossoms.

Life is a weird dance. It has it’s own magic and rhythm. Wherever you are today, just dance. Just feel God move in the breeze, set your cares and worries down for a bit and know, that in the end, it all comes around the way it should. We don’t have the control we think we do here, but that’s okay. Sometimes letting the magic move you, is the best gift we can give ourselves. But we have to allow it.

I think that’s the real secret of Disney, you have to allow it transport you. You have to give yourself to the magic, or it really doesn’t exist.

That day, Amy and I did exactly that, and it is a memory we both treasure to this day. And now, it’s bringing life and hope back to us three years later.

The dream lives again.