January Streaming Schedule

I want to start by thanking everyone for such an amazing and successful December, both for me, and for Streaming Disney!

We were running full speed into the end of the year, then between illness, car trouble, and some personal issues of my own, it was a perfect storm of events that caused a speed bump in the streaming. I am, however, happy to say everything is all worked out, I am still partnered with Streaming Disney and I have January’s schedule together!

With the holidays over, there are less hours at Streaming Disney, but I am still going to be there Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3pm Eastern bringing you all the best Disney World magic I can find for you.

After that, things get exciting over on my Disney Lovin Facebook page as I begin a new series of themed streams thanks to those of you who’ve signed up on Patreon, allowing me to continue for now with free content for everyone! Also, check out the stream archive where I’ll be embedding many of the Disney Lovin streams for you to watch as much as you like!

On Monday Nights starting at 6pm join me and my friend Josh for Magical Monday Night! A full night of streams bringing you music, park time, and fireworks. Magical Monday Night officially debuts January 16th!

On Wednesday Nights at 5pm join me for Whozits and Whatzits Galore and we’ll explore some of the fun and unique Disney merchandise the parks and Disney Springs has to offer.

Then on Friday, end your week with me and a little randomness at 5pm where Anything Can Happen… and usually does!


January is going to be a fabulous month of streams, videos, and vlogs from me, I’m so happy you’ll be here and so thankful to all of you signing up on Patreon to help support this content! I appreciate your faith and trust and as a special perk I have just one more live stream this month especially for anyone signed up through Patreon –


Date and time TBA but this special day of streams will give you the most Disney possible, from rides and foods, to shows and history, rumors, hidden Mickeys, and all the magic we can bring you! This month – Magic Kingdom!

If you aren’t signed up yet, I hope you will and if you are signed up, I’ll bring you the latest information in our group as soon as it’s all locked down. We’re going to have a blast!


As always if you have any questions feel free to message me, I do return messages as often as I can and thank you all for another great month! See you on the streams!

<p>Author and former Disneyland Cast Member, Samantha Lucas, has created Magical Dreams Media as a way to bring joy and inspiration to the world one live stream, video, and photo at a time. Find out more about Samantha at www.magicaldreamsmedia.com</p>