Don’t Be Chicken About the Kids Meals!

If you let the kids plan every meal, we all know there’s a reliably good chance that their entire diet would consist of nothing but chicken nuggets. So it’s not surprising that chicken nuggets are a reliable choice for the kids meals offered at Disney, too. But just because the choice is expected, that doesn’t mean that the presentation has to be!

Frequently during my park excursions, this intrepid shopper requires a little refueling to keep going at full speed, and the kids meals have become a staple of my “just need a quick bite” routine. But often, Disney surprises me by making that routine a little unexpected, too. And they did exactly that with the Dark Side Chicken and Waffle Meal at Backlot Express, and the Chicken Nugget Meal at Restaurantosaurus.

Dark Side Chicken & Waffle Meal at Backlot Express

Both of these meals come with four “nuggets.” But to be clear, Disney’s idea of a nugget is not the same as your favorite fast food chain’s idea of a nugget. Each piece is easily multiple bites each for an adult, and definitely several bites each for tiny chompers. These meals come with two healthy sides such as grapes, carrots, yogurt, applesauce (the healthy choices vary by location) and a choice of lowfat milk or small Dasani water, and you can also make substitutions with fries and a child’s soft drink instead. I’m particularly fond of getting double fries (as pictured) in lieu of both healthy sides because it makes the meal plenty hearty enough for an adult appetite, and also because I don’t tend to think “healthy” when I’m at Disney. I make my healthy choices at home (well, usually … don’t ask me about the Pringles. Never ask me about the Pringles.) and then let loose a little when I’m in the fun environment of the parks.

The Dark Side Chicken and Waffle Meal at Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios was an unanticipated pleasure. I’ve seen “chicken and waffles” offered at a number of eateries, but had never tried the flavors together. And, well, technically I still haven’t, since I ate the waffle separately with the included maple syrup, then helped myself to the various sauces available for the nuggets themselves. But next time, NEXT time I plan to eat them together as intended … and not just because featuring them again but slightly differently means I can deduct them from my taxes again. Wait, was that out loud? Although, at $7.99 (even less with the special 45th anniversary 20% AP discount!) it’s no problem to enjoy it again and again even without that particular incentive.

Chicken Nugget Meal with Sand Pail and Shovel at Restaurantosaurus

The Chicken Nugget Meal at Restaurantosaurus in Animal Kingdom may be missing the Force (and menacing stare) of the Darth Vader waffle, but you can easily stretch this meal by loading up on the chili and other items at the fixins bar and turning those double fries (you DID get the obligatory double fries instead of those silly healthy options, right?) into something a little more substantial. And what made this particular meal so unexpectedly fun, was that it came in the ready-for-play sand pail and shovel! Oh my goodness, I lit up like a child when I saw it on my tray! I’d seen these darling pails before, but didn’t realize that this was one of the restaurants where they were offered. Though, in retrospect, it made perfect sense because of Restaurantosaurus’s proximity to the dig site at The Boneyard. The playful pails seem to be offered at locations near sand, such as at the Caribbean Beach food court, Hurricane Hannah’s at the Beach Club, and also at the water parks. The meal costs $8.99, so there is a little bump in price for the extra fun, but, ummm … worth it.

I’ll continue scouting out more #FoodFinds by Park Shoppers, and it’s guaranteed that the kids meals will continue to be a big part of that. They just make so much sense from a portion point of view, and the often-important pocket book point of view, too!  – Amy


<p>Amy has been a huge fan of Disney since her first trip in 1996. Over the years she’s enjoyed connecting with other fans through the ever-changing online landscape of message boards, blogs, trip-planning sites, and Facebook. She’s hoping now to connect with even more Disney fans through Park Shoppers, her personal Disney shopping service.</p>