Day 337 of the 365 Disney Adventure!

Day 337 got off to a fun start as we entered Magic Kingdom to see the omnibus and trolley car moving along Main Street.Actually, it was my favorite horse, the dappled one so that made me very happy right there. Of course, I streamed him, so there are no photos. sigh

Josh, Amy, and I were all together today and after a few shop stops along Main Street, we finally arrived at Liberty Square where I began the first stream for the fan club and we meandered through Liberty Square and Frontierland, making stops at Splash Mountain, taking in her pre refurb grandeur, then onto Big Thunder and one of my favorite quiet spots where we discovered a waterspout made of butterflies, some Mickey pretzels and special Coke bottles.

After the pretzels, we moved over to the Disney Lovin page and streamed our Real Old Country Rhythm stream in honor of Country Bear Jamboree which we went on today since I’m trying to wrap up anything I haven’t done yet, and this attraction was actually one of the few remaining things at a park I haven’t done.

Oh and on that note, you ever wonder what happens when a bear meets a bubble wand?


We had some fun with the country bears today. I just love the way they hang out randomly in Frontierland now just meeting with guests, being silly, and very entertaining!

So after our Disney Lovin stream, where Josh talked a little about the music at Disney and the theming in Frontierland, we pointed out the poisonous berries, may or may not have threatened to cook some for Josh, and watched some of the wildlife of Disney fly across the water, we did indeed go see Country Bears. I hadn’t seen that original version in soooooooo long! I still remembered the summer version from Disneyland and I think that’s what I was expecting to see.

But still, it was super sweet and another thing is checked off my list now for the 365.

Next up, the three of us did a little pin shopping after, then meandered in the Christmas shop because I had to show Amy those new character purses to go with the shoe ornaments.

Random nature moment from outside the Christmas shop!

It was hot again today, but we had cloud cover which made it a bit more bearable.. aha! See what I did there?

Coz of our bear theme?


Moving on…

We did some more window shopping down Main Street as we headed out, but that was about it. It was a fairly quiet day.

Tomorrow we’re headed to Animal Kingdom, more to the point, to Rafiki’s Planet Watch for a rare photo shoot which we’ll attempt to stream for the fan club and now… a HUGE announcement just for the six of you who actually read my blog, and read to the bottom of the post…

This Tuesday, August 29th we will be streaming the halloween party for the fan club! That’s right, everything from Boo To You, to Hallowishes, to candy, to the Sanderson sisters! We’ll hang out the whole night and try to make y’all feel like you’re with us. We’ll even do one of our famous walk out streams.

And, not just that, but if you sign up before the party on Tuesday, we’ll send you a trick or treat bag and times schedule from the party as well AND someone from the fan club will win something special from the party too. We’re just so happy to be back streaming and hanging out with you all, we want this to be super special and I know it will be.

If you want more info on the fan club you can find it here but what you won’t find there is all the fun we have! That you only get inside the club! 😉

Other than that, have a great night/day and I hope to see you tomorrow on Disney Lovin for day 338 and thanks for being here!



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