Day 336 – #365DisneyAdventure

Today we kicked off the 30 streams in 30 days with a return to Magic Kingdom and it was fantastic!

Now, you may notice my button says I’m celebrating day 335, well, the days quite frankly have been blurred for a while, and I decided to simply trust Josh’s math… hmmmph!

So today was 336 not 335… good lord I’ll be glad when the numbers are behind me. LOL

Moving onwards… Here’s the best part, we have this amazing fan club who have stuck with us through all the bumps and bruises of summer. So many of them feel stumbling upon us was destiny and I feel that way too. I deeply believe in God and destiny and walking the paths that lead to places of meaning and this whole year has been one of those and I’ve seen miracles happen.I was talking to someone the other day who said to me, what you’ve built there is so amazing because, over this entire year, we’ve had maybe 4 people leave. That’s incredible and I hope that now that we’re back to it, our numbers will grow and we can continue to create and hold this special space for even more people. I feel so incredibly blessed. This year has entirely transformed my life. I went from being an author to being someone who shares Disney with the world, and in so doing, has created something magical for people to become family in. That’s magic in my book and so perfect.

Well, fall has arrived at Magic Kingdom in decor, if not in weather!


Today we caught the trolley show for the fan club.


And we did some shopping and checked out all the new Halloween merchandise. There is SO much Nightmare Before Christmas stuff! I love the Sally shirt with her done as the parasol girl from Mansion. That is my absolute favorite thing! But I also am totally loving on this Pluto pin!

After we wrapped with the fan club, we did a Remembering The Classics Stream on Disney Lovin that ended with a ride on It’s a Small World and Samantha being thrown in Facebook jail for copyright infringement of the song.

I’ve always been a bad seed.

After the streams, Josh and Kim and I, Kim as in my awesome friend who shows up about 4 times a year and totally surprised me by showing up yesterday, went to Liberty Tree Tavern just to get the toffee cake! When Kim toasted to the 365… the tears came. OMG it’s gonna be a weepy 30 days! lol

But the cake and the time spent was AWESOME!

And, even more, Josh, Amy, and I are wrapping up the entire 365 at Liberty Tree as it is my favorite place to eat on property. So to kick off the last30 days there as well, it was a total treat. Plus we met the sweetest cast member there and told her why I was wearing an I’m celebrating day 335 button and she got so excited, she wanted to make sure she was working when we came in on the last day.

I swear I have met the best people through all this. Cast members, acquaintances, dear friends, I think all the time about Donna and the gift she’s given me. In her passing, I have more of a life than I’ve ever had. I hope in some way that honors her memory.

After the cake, we three went on Haunted Mansion. Then Josh and I needed to head out and do mundane life stuff, but on the way out we went through the Christmas shop in Liberty Square (Donna’s favorite store) and we saw the cutest new ornaments!

Anyone need a bag to go with those shoes you’ve been collecting?

This is just a sample, but we saw Cinderella, Ariel, Anna and Elsa, the Evil Queen… a small handful. I love them!

If any of the merchandise I’ve shared needs to come home to you, don’t forget, you can always contact Amy! She is the best personal shopper ever!

We walked out through the Emporium just because it’s super hot, but took a moment to appreciate the fall decor now on Main Street and as we left, I took this photo of my button.

I think I’m going to do this every day for the last 30… oh and here’s today’s castle picture!

I tried taking a photo every day for the whole year, but there were too many days I never made it to Magic Kingdom, still, I think when it’s all said and done, I really will have 365 different shots of it. That castle just demands you photograph it!

Josh and I were reminiscing a little bit about some of our favorite memories of this adventure, I’m going to have to think on it to figure out my favorite favorite, but I loved the 3 day fireworks fest, oh and the fireworks cruise! And our first lunch at Liberty Tree… and the first concert at the International Festival of the Arts… Christmas last year, meeting Jodi Benson, meeting Terri Hardin, Pandora previews… omg have I said what an unbelievably awesome year this has been?

But it’s not over yet, 29 more days of awesomeness to come, including more food and wine!

I’m going to TRY to do this blog post every night until the end and share my photos from the day, so check in with me and in case you don’t know, we’re live streaming every morning at 10:45 on our Disney Lovin page! We have so much more fun up ahead. I can’t wait.

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