Day 340 Decadence at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Day 340 was an easy day spent soaking up the ambiance at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Josh and I started out early with a fan club stream from the 4th floor balcony looking out over Magic Kingdom. It’s one of my favorite quiet spots and when I first arrived in Florida five years ago, so alone and so scared and excited for this new life, I spent a LOT of time on this balcony. We perused a couple of stores, I found a really great cookbook called the Wine Lover’s Cookbook that gives you recipes and tells you what to…

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Day 339 of 365 and another first checked off my list!

Today I spent a rainy day hanging out with my friend Kim in Animal Kingdom. That’s an interesting park in the rain because I find it interesting to see the animals and how they all react a bit differently. I think today I was most amused by the vultures under the Tree of Life. There were two of them just sitting on a large log near the ground, their heads sort of tucked in, letting the rain just fall on them.

It sort of made me think about life and how when the storms come, we humans all tend to…

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Day 338 – The Day Facebook Stopped Working

Well, today was… interesting… in an, I woke up in a sci-fi story kind of way.

When I first woke up this morning I checked my phone to see what time it was and to see if Josh had messaged me. What I found was that no one had posted anything to FB in over 8 hours. I figured my phone was being wonky so I rebooted it and went to get ready.

I didn’t think much more about it, not even when I couldn’t get my post to the faith group to post this morning. And I didn’t think anything…

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Day 337 of the 365 Disney Adventure!

Day 337 got off to a fun start as we entered Magic Kingdom to see the omnibus and trolley car moving along Main Street.Actually, it was my favorite horse, the dappled one so that made me very happy right there. Of course, I streamed him, so there are no photos. sigh

Josh, Amy, and I were all together today and after a few shop stops along Main Street, we finally arrived at Liberty Square where I began the first stream for the fan club and we meandered through Liberty Square and Frontierland, making stops at Splash Mountain, taking in her…

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Day 336 – #365DisneyAdventure

Today we kicked off the 30 streams in 30 days with a return to Magic Kingdom and it was fantastic!

Now, you may notice my button says I’m celebrating day 335, well, the days quite frankly have been blurred for a while, and I decided to simply trust Josh’s math… hmmmph!

So today was 336 not 335… good lord I’ll be glad when the numbers are behind me. LOL

Moving onwards… Here’s the best part, we have this amazing fan club who have stuck with us through all the bumps and bruises of summer. So many of them feel stumbling upon us…

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Another Day in the 365

Often on this 365 I have to make short runs to the World just to get my “days” in. But I still like to indulge in lengthy days whenever I can, and this past week I had one of the better days I’d had in a while. It was crazy, but it was good.

It started early when I went out to meet Josh as he got off work at 8:30 in the morning. It was a rainy morning and by the time I got on the city bus, I was already partially drenched, but I have learned that on…

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Protected: Reflection Vlog

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Protected: Day 175 of 365 – a reflection

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A Heartfelt Invitation

Patreon just keeps growing!

Thanks to everyone who’s jumped on board with what started as a crazy idea and has grown into a treasured ohana.

I want to extend a very personal and heartfelt invitation to anyone who may see this who isn’t a part of what we’re doing, so let me tell you just a little bit about it.

Patreon is a crowdfuning platform created by Jack Conte to make a place where musicians, artist, writers, content creators of all kinds could perhaps make a living from their creations by connecting directly with their fans for support.

I’ve used Patreon in several…

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A Disney World Christmas Begins

I was out at the park for the first official day of Christmas and it was as beautiful as ever.

I’ll admit, it is a bit early for me for Christmas and last year I remember avoiding Magic Kingdom until closer to Thanksgiving, but as my Christmas Party tickets are for the 10th, I figured I may as well just dive right in!

It was funny, though, I was out there with a friend and she’s visiting, so we were going on rides and such and every time we wandered back to the hub (the only place Christmas is actually evident)…

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