Anything Can Happen on a Tuesday!

Because our schedule does tend to change and stay rather fluid, we always encourage you to bookmark and check it regularly for the most up to date schedule.


That being said… Anything Can Happen on a Tuesday!

And usually does. 😉

We could be at Disney doing a 4 park extravaganza, or celebrating Patron Appreciation Day all day in one park, or we may be at Sea World, or one of the amazing beaches here in Florida… when I say Anything Can Happen… I mean it!

Streams usually start after 1pm, we stream off and on throughout the day, and we very often close a park down at night.

Many of these streams are reserved exclusively for our ohana of subscribers, but we do try and pop on our Disney Lovin Facebook page at least once to share some love from these amazing days.

This is always a very special day of streams to honor and thank our subscribers and I wholeheartedly invite you to join us. We just may be the Disney family you’ve been looking for. – Samantha


<p>Author and former Disneyland Cast Member, Samantha Lucas, has created Magical Dreams Media as a way to bring joy and inspiration to the world one live stream, video, and photo at a time. Find out more about Samantha at</p>