I'm Samantha Lucas and in 2016 to 2017 I did a full 365 days here at WDW and it changed my life in more ways than I could tell you.

I live directly behind Magic Kingdom with my very best friend, Amy, our fur babies, and two adult kids with special needs... and I mean, we live directly behind Magic Kingdom. Which is honestly pretty awesome.

As I'm a writer by profession, and choose not to drive, I pretty much live inside the Disney.bubble.

Some people think that makes for a boring life, but I think it's the dream I had since I was five years old and never outgrew.

It has some challenges, and there are days I'm SOOOO over people when the parks get super crowded, but then I go into the city for a night and all I think is that I want back inside my Disney bubble! 🤣

My life these days pretty much consists of hitting a resort in the morning to work on the latest issue of Summerville. After “work”, it’s time for lunch at a park or resort, followed by some rides, or Disney Springs followed by some music.

I love the music!

It's a good life. I'm eternally grateful for it. I share it with you in friendship and love and hope it brings you joy.

Thank you for stopping by the site. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for even more magic. Love & Blessings, Samantha

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