A Pretzel as Big as Your Head!

Pretzel as big as your head!

Today’s #FoodFinds by Park Shoppers should be renamed FUNFoodFinds, because this was a hoot!

Samantha and I were in Epcot together for the first day of the inaugural International Festival of the Arts when the munchies hit hard. I had remembered seeing another guest pass me with a pretzel earlier in World Showcase, and that sounded like a good little nosh that we could share just to take the edge off of the hunger while we went about our day. So I took off towards Germany to bring one back.

But wow. I mean wow! Somehow it just didn’t register until the cast member put it in my hand, that this “little nosh” of a pretzel was as big as my head! When I got back to where Samantha was sitting, the first words out of my mouth were “Take my picture! Take my picture with this!” I’m rarely excited about getting my picture taken, so that reaction was definitely all about the pretzel as big as my head!

You can find these for $10 in a kiosk in Germany along the water side of the path, along with a variety of beers, shots, and a few bottled non-alcoholic drinks.

There weren’t any mustard packets at the kiosk, but you can always walk a bit further into the Germany pavilion and grab some from the Sommerfest counter service location. Or for a bigger selection of dipping sauces, you can do what we did and plant yourself a little ways away at the patio outside the Liberty Inn and enjoy the mustard, honey mustard, and BBQ sauce they have available there. This pretzel was very soft, though, and had a good flavor, so eating it without any extra zing would be enjoyable, too. – Amy

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