A Heartfelt Invitation

Patreon just keeps growing!

Thanks to everyone who’s jumped on board with what started as a crazy idea and has grown into a treasured ohana.

I want to extend a very personal and heartfelt invitation to anyone who may see this who isn’t a part of what we’re doing, so let me tell you just a little bit about it.

Patreon is a crowdfuning platform created by Jack Conte to make a place where musicians, artist, writers, content creators of all kinds could perhaps make a living from their creations by connecting directly with their fans for support.

I’ve used Patreon in several incarnations over the past two years and LOVE them. However, what we’re growing now with the streams is beyond anything I could have imagined.

If you join us, you will be a part of an ohana that takes that seriously. We love and support one another, we share our love for Disney, we celebrate together and we comfort one another when needed. Many of us suffer from anxiety, depression and the like, so we “get” each other and this is a safe place to be. We have a few members that have jumped in to share with us in things such as Character of the Day, Disney Recipes, sharing screen shots from the streams, travel opinions, the latest Disney news, and more.

We have a resident travel agent who would be more than happy to help you build your own Disney trip, a personal shopper who can help you bring that little bit of the magic home between trips, and of course Josh our “Disney Guy” who brings such life and laughter to us all in the streams and in our group with his heart, his thoughtfulness, and his love for what we’re doing.

If all that isn’t enough to make you at least a little curious, then how about the meat of the dish, we have the streams. We give you exclusive streams almost every day, plus special events like the 4 park extravaganza and Patron Appreciation Day which is my favorite day of the month.

Next Tuesday is Patron Appreciation Day and we will be spending it in Epcot to get the first real look at Flower and Garden Festival. Josh and I will get there early and stay late, we will of course end with Illuminations, there will be some sort of food involved, and we’ll try a few different rides like Living With the Land and Figment. (please bear with us during signal loss as there will be some during those)

Epcot is a bit trickier to live stream, just because there are a lot of signal issues inside any of the buildings there, but we’ll do out best to bring you a full day.

The schedule is always a bit random, we kind of have to go with the batteries on the phones and our own level of exhaustion, but we give everything to this day and would LOVE to include you in it!

So now for the HOW… Patreon is a monthly subscription, you sign up with them on my page – www.Patreon.com/SamanthaLucas you can sign up at ANY dollar amount (all funds pledged automatically convert to USD) which means you can sign up at $1 a month and be a part of all of this. Sign up at whatever you can easily afford and what you feel the content is worth, that’s all I ask. You can change or cancel at anytime as well so there really is no risk involved.

If you love our content here, I truly do think you’ll love it even more once you’re on board with Patreon.

Our next streams will be Friday morning, so get signed up now and get settled into our group so you’re ready!

<p>Author and former Disneyland Cast Member, Samantha Lucas, has created Magical Dreams Media as a way to bring joy and inspiration to the world one live stream, video, and photo at a time. Find out more about Samantha at www.magicaldreamsmedia.com</p>