A Disney World Christmas Begins

I was out at the park for the first official day of Christmas and it was as beautiful as ever.

I’ll admit, it is a bit early for me for Christmas and last year I remember avoiding Magic Kingdom until closer to Thanksgiving, but as my Christmas Party tickets are for the 10th, I figured I may as well just dive right in!

It was funny, though, I was out there with a friend and she’s visiting, so we were going on rides and such and every time we wandered back to the hub (the only place Christmas is actually evident) it was like a physical shove to hear the Christmas music. I kept saying, “Oh, yeah, it’s Christmas.” LOL

After my friend left for dinner with some other friends, I meandered about and took some photos, then decided I had to stay for the first castle lighting. I went over about 45 minutes early and got right up front. I took these photos over the time I was sitting there and caught the castle from the same angle, sunset to lighting. I think it’s a pretty special collage.


This is the best time to be at Disney World, this tiny little spot between when Christmas starts to show up and Thanksgiving because the weather is quite lovely and the crowds quite low. But if you love Disney World, then at least once you have to put this special time of year on your list to do.

First glimpse of the season. #365DisneyAdventure #disneyworld

The magic just goes into overdrive from the second you arrive and you start to see the poinsettias to that first glimpse of the toy soldiers and the tree (which isn’t up yet, but I’ll have photos as soon as it is) to the lights and the music, and that castle. It’s all beyond description.

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I have so many memories of Disneyland Christmas, so many traditions that included the park, it’s entertainment, and just being there in that magical energy. I’m beside myself with a little disbelief when I stand at the end of Main Street and see this castle lit.

I always dreamed of being here, but I didn’t think I’d ever actually… I never knew it would be like this. I can’t describe how blessed I feel. I know I can’t, because I keep trying and it doesn’t work. lol

20161102_121218I’ll be entirely honest, though, I’m facing some tough decisions in my personal life at the moment. With the change in my income situation, my 365 is seriously at risk, but even just in the six weeks I’ve done Disney every day, I’ve been so blessed. I’ve seen magic ever day and seen how my photos and videos have touched people… When I started this, it was for myself, it was for Donna, I felt she got ripped off in a way. That she died just when she was starting to meet dreams. I needed to do this for both of us, but then I lost two publishers, my ex-husband who provides support for our kids lost his job and I’m looking at a very bleak situation ahead.

Why am I telling you all this?

20161102_181228Because, those of us with Disney in our soul, we’re a unique stock, we have Walt’s tenacity and ability for huge dreams. I think of Walt all the time and the risk he took to make his dream a reality. He gave everything.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but I look around at what’s happening in the world and we need more light and love and magic and I want to do more than just see that or say that, I want to devote my life to it.

I’ve been on a journey for five years to this exact moment in time and I knew when I started the 365, this was the reason for all of it, this was my destiny. I can’t get scared six weeks in. I don’t know how I’m going to make it work, but Walt had no idea either. Still, he made it happen. I know people who think I’m crazy, and maybe my vision isn’t as big as Walt’s, but I want to touch people with this magic every day. I want to share my photos, videos, and stories and have them make a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve felt that way for such a long time and I’ve been doing it on a small scale for such a long time, but then I saw the comments in the shares of my lighting video (the video is at the end of this post btw) and I realized that for the first time, how much bigger the reach got overnight.

Disney created the magic, but I feel so deeply called to be a part of it, to understand it, and to share it with a world of people who love it. Especially with those who may never see it themselves. I can’t tell you how deeply I feel that.

I have faith. This is my destiny, it has to work out then and I guess I want to encourage all of you in whatever you’re facing today. When you walk a path of faith to a moment of destiny, it’s not an easy path and it’s not risk-free.

As Randy Pausch said, The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out, they’re there to show us how badly we want it.

I’m at a really huge brick wall right now and I have to find some way to fix my hemorrhaging income, but I want this. I have a fire for it like Walt had for his beloved Disneyland. I can’t explain it, I just know it’s my destiny. So if you’re still with me, I thank you for listening and I appreciate the prayers and good thoughts more than I can say. I hope to continue bringing you more Christmas as it starts to spread throughout the World. Each resort has such unique decor and trees… Oh! I should do a daily tree starting in December! Oh, I think I will!


This journey isn’t over. It’s just starting. I have faith and god will show me the way here. Believe in yourself and your dreams because miracles DO happen! And now, without any further ado, here’s the video from Wednesday night with the very first castle lighting of the season. I hope you love it and thank you all so much for taking this adventure with me.

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